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Hi there!

I'm Cami Jensen, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), that brings a unique blend of expertise to support new caregivers on their breastfeeding journey.


With years of experience as a high-risk pregnancy/postpartum nurse in the USA and recently a licensed IBCLC, I strive to assist with the challenges you may face and I the understand importance of comprehensive care.

Offering English-speaking breastfeeding support for new parents in Amsterdam.

I have to start my review with just a thank you to Cami for being there for us! I can't express with words how broken I was after the labour and evening of the first day was my lowest point - no milk in the breasts, hungry baby, tears and huge struggle with ruined nipples and positions for the breastfeeding. I cried for help, and Cami came to rescue us. She found time in her evening schedule and in a couple of minutes she explained to me things that I read about and hospital nurse told me about breastfeeding - but I didn't really understand it. Cami explained so simply everything about the position and the breast pump! I cried the whole session but not because of sadness but because of gratitude and relief. And Cami was there for us online to support and help, and she also found time for a second session when I needed support positioning the baby for feeding outside the house. I so appreciate it! Thank God there are specialists and professionals like Cami! And I can compare, I had other experience too. So, I highly recommend Cami's help for breastfeeding, and I can't express my gratitude to her enough!


Alexa Young, CA

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