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As a lactation consultant I am obliged to follow set privacy protocols, which I have generally explained below:

  • In Europe, there's a law called GDPR that started in May 2018. It makes sure that all organizations that deal with personal data have certain responsibilities, and people like you have specific rights over their personal data. For healthcare, there are even more rules under the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO).

  • Personal data is any information that can be linked back to a specific person. Before collecting or using your data, the lactation consultant needs your permission. They should only ask for information necessary to help you and keep it safe.

  • The lactation consultant keeps a record of the care provided to you. This record can include details about you, financial data, and health information.

  • You have the right to see the data the lactation consultant recorded about you. If you think something is wrong, you can ask them to fix it or delete it. Your data should be kept private and not shared with others unless you give permission. If you don't want your data recorded, you can tell them.

  • If the lactation consultant needs to share your report with other healthcare providers, they should ask your permission first. However, there are extreme circumstances where they might be obliged to report without permission.

  • The lactation consultant must plan for keeping your information safe when they create new things like their website or forms. They only gather the data they really need for their work.

  • The lactation consultant won't share your data with anyone, even family, without your permission. They must follow the law to keep your health information private.

  • The website used must be a secure connection (SSL), so your information can't be read by others.

  • Healthcare providers retains records for around 20 years, but they keep it safe and private.

  • If someone accesses or releases your information by accident, it's called a data breach. The lactation consultant must report this to the authorities.

For the entire NVL privacy protocol please click here. Please note it is in Dutch.

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